MondoCon: Some Pics from the Floor, Initial Thoughts



MondoCon reminded me of my early days of going to conventions in the late-’80s/early-’90s. That was a time when promising, small and intimate cons got their start in Holiday Inn reception halls before quickly breaking out in big ways and shifting into larger venues.

I took some time out of my Fantastic Fest schedule to visit the event – the first of its kind put on by that juggernaut known as Mondo – on Saturday. The attendance was overwhelming. The con’s main floor – two medium-size halls – was a mix of artists, vinyl dealers and other specialty vendors (Fright Rags, Gorgon Video and Retrobrand were all present).

Outside, Mondo had a tent of its own that served as both a shop and a gallery (dedicated to Iron Giant). Adjacent to the tent was a fun Shaun of the Dead attraction where you could slap down some cash and sling records (copies of The Omen strangely enough) at zombie mannequins. If you managed to decapitate one of the zombies, you got a variant record. Either way you scored a copy of the vinyl.

Panels were held throughout the weekend; but if nothing interested you there, you could walk the main floor. Foot traffic was a slight issue, I have to say, because those just strolling the floor checking out the vendors would clash with long lines of fans waiting to either buy prints or get autographs from their favorite artists. There was certainly an issue with “flow” but I’m certain the organizers recognized this and will adjust the layout next year. 

I’ve thrown some pics together for a gallery – just to give you a sense of what it looked like. (The con was held in a building situated in a strip mall – giving it that “old school convention” feel even more.)