Dimension Films Reshuffling Release Dates for Amityville and Demonic


file_175303_0_dimension_filmsJust when you thought things were set for two upcoming Dimension Films horror releases–the James Wan-presented Demonic, recently set for December 12, and the reboot Amityville: The Awakening, previously set for January 2, 2015–the studio has mysteriously removed both movies from their release schedule without any notice of when they might be rescheduled.

We certainly don’t want to read too much into this decision, since maybe parent company The Weinstein Company has just decided to use their marketing resources elsewhere and plan on releasing them both sometime later in the new year, but right now, both of them are off the release schedule for whatever reason.

Stay tuned to find out when we might see the two anticipated horror films and whether or not we might see a trailer for either one anytime soon. (A trailer for Demonic would probably have played well in front of Annabelle, the spin-off movie to James Wan’s hit The Conjuring which is being released on October 3.)