Rick Baker Reveals Some of His Werewolf Work from Cursed


Cursed_posterThe story of Wes Craven’s Cursed is one that needs to be told in a book or a mini-documentary. We’re talking about a project that brought Craven, Kevin Williamson and FX artist Rick Baker together for a werewolf story set in Hollywood.

It had a cast, it started shooting and then production was halted, a good chunk of the film was done but ultimately scrapped, Baker left the project and Craven started over with some different cast members (a few remained intact). KNB EFX stepped in to handle the lycanthrope suit and some of the werewolf FX were handled with CGI. The latter FX come across like a shaved ape and they’re truly one of the work CG werewolf transformation FX I’ve ever seen.

Baker took to Twitter this week (thanks AITH boys for pointing this out) to reveal one of his designs for the film: An “almost transformed” Judy Greer werewolf.

And, yeah, it looks ten times better than anything that appeared in the film.

Many years ago, I had the good fortune to see the “final” transformation werewolf Baker had in mind for Cursed and it was something you would imagine the Kessler wolf from American Werewolf would take as a sister. There was definitely a kinship present.

Compare Baker’s design to the KNB look just below…

rick baker cursed

Cursed: Werewolf giving the finger photo WerewolfGivingtheFinger.gif