The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Beautifully Realized as a Video Game Package Art


Texas_Chain_Saw_Massacre_Marilyn_BurnsBlake Armstrong. That name should be familiar to you by now because I was heaping praise on the man and his artistic talents in the news recently with a spotlight on his recent Re-Animator print. 

For the last few days, Armstrong has been teasing via Twitter and Instagram a new piece dedicated to that horror masterpiece that’s celebrating its 40th anniversary this year: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. And it has finally been revealed in all of its glory.

Holy shit.

Again…love it. This time, Armstrong slapped some faux video game labels on it to give the impression this was for some packaging (a TCM game was made in ’83 for the Atari 2600). This one’s still fresh, so I don’t know if it’s available to buy at the time of this writing, but keep an eye on Armstrong’s store here.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre