Dougray Scott Goes on a Zombie Safari in Generation Z


Dougray ScottThe “zombie safari” film formerly known as Zafari has now begun shooting under a new moniker: Generation Z. Steve Barker, of the Outpost films, is at the helm and his cast is in place, says Screen Daily. Dougray Scott (pictured), Jessica de Gouw and Martin McCann are starring.

Per the site:

Set in the wake of an apocalyptic zombie outbreak, the film centres on Melanie (de Gouw) and her boyfriend Lewis (McCann) who visit a safari retreat – The ReZort – where every paying guest has a licence to kill the undead.

There they meet Archer (Scott), a former zombie-hunter who has to step up when the security system at the ReZort crashes and unleashes thousands of bloodthirsty zombies back into the wild.

Jurassic Park with zombies is what we’re looking at here. We’ll keep you posted as things development on this one…