Butcher Brothers Are Prepping A Beginners Guide to Snuff


Butcher BrothersWhile we await some release details for Raised By Wolves, the Butcher Brothers – Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores – are moving forward on their next production: A Beginners Guide to Snuff.

The film follows two none-too-bright actors desperately trying to make it in Hollywood. As a result, they decide to make a pretend snuff film as a way to jumpstart their careers.

In order to make the film seem more realistic they kidnap an unsuspecting actress so they can capture a moment of pure terror that has never been seen before on film.

Not ever intending to seriously injure anyone, the two get more than they bargained for when they discover they’ve chosen the wrong actress to toy with.

The cast is coming together quickly on this one. Shooting begins in Los Angeles next month. We’ll keep you posted on participating actors as updates come in.

Cory Knauf, Luke Edwards, Adam Carver and Don R. Lewis are producing. Knauf, Adam Weis and Mitchell Altieri penned the script.

Altieri and Flores previously helmed The HamiltonsThe Thompsons and The Violent Kind.