Poster & Trailer for the Must-See Short Horror Film Dregs

Dregs short film - posterDregs is a short film I have no problem championing. I caught it a few months ago and I’ll admit to jumping out of my seat at one of the scares. That doesn’t happen to me often.

Filmmakers Stephen Scott-Hayward and Richard Rudy released a trailer for the short film today (along with the poster you see here). The film is on its way to hitting the film festival circuit, beginning with the Sarajevo Film Festival on August 20th. Hayward and Rudy are hoping the short film will launch a larger project that can explore the world in-depth.

Check out the preview at the Facebook page and I’ll let you know if this one ever hits the web in its entirety for you all to see.

Synopsis: When the signal hit electricity ceased and everyone became ‘Statics’. They stand frozen, ears torn from their heads, eyes white, screaming silently.

They respond violently to sound, destroying it with inhuman ferocity. Until it rains! Then the signal is weakened, the power returns and they collapse, screaming.The sole survivors were the heroin addicts, the ‘Dregs’.

Heroin cancels out the signal as long as they continue to take it. Addict lovers Ben and Zoe must leave their flat to find their missing friends who went searching for a drug impound.

Avoiding the ‘Salvationists’; an addict-cult who believe they are ‘the chosen ones’, they must cross the lethal, silent city, where they hope to find their friends and enough heroin to escape to the country forever.


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