Your Must-Watch Horror Short Film of the Day: Dregs


Here’s a real Halloween “treat” for you. I’m thrilled to share the debut one of my favorite short horror films of the year, Dregs, here at Shock Till You Drop. This hit the festival circuit in August and you can now watch it via the player here.

What I love about Dregs is that filmmakers Stephen Scott-Hayward and Richard Rudy clearly have a grasp on the world they’ve created, weaving a love story, religion and some genuine frights against a backdrop that forces its leads to become drug users. With visual style to spare, there’s a lot of promise to become something bigger here – a feature film or, as the creators have in mind, a television series.

Dregs stars Jamie Blackley and Kathryn Prescott as the “survivors” caught in the film’s nightmare. Here’s the official synopsis:

When the signal hit electricity ceased and everyone became “Static.” They stand frozen, ears torn from their heads, eyes white, screaming silently. They respond violently to sound, destroying it with inhuman ferocity, until it rains! Then the signal is weakened, the power returns and they all collapse, screaming.

The sole survivors were the heroin addicts, the “Dregs.” Heroin cancels out the signal as long as they continue to take it.

Addict lovers Ben and Zoe must leave their flat to find their missing friends who went searching for a drug impound. Avoiding the ‘Salvationists’; an addict-cult who believe they are the chosen ones, they must cross the lethal, silent city, where they hope to find their friends and enough heroin to escape to the country forever.

DREGS from …FIN on Vimeo.


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