Exclusive Photo Gallery of Robert Englund’s Last Freddy Krueger Transformation


Freddy Final4

Robert Kurtzman has supplied ShockTillYouDrop.com with a handful of photos from Robert Englund’s time in the makeup chair. Earlier this month, the actor took part in Flashback Weekend where he agreed to slip into Freddy Krueger’s skin one last time.

The last time he wore the makeup was for Freddy vs. Jason 11 years ago.

The photo gallery here goes step-by-step through the process as Kurtzman meticulously applies the prosthetics.

Once out of the chair, Englund greeted fans – wearing a Flashback tee and not the signature Freddy sweater – and participated in a series of photo opportunities fans paid nearly $400 (!) for. (The price tag sparked our own John Squires to pen this editorial.)

How do you think this makeup holds up against Englund’s previous Krueger incarnations?

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