Playstation 4 Wants You To #KILLALLZOMBIES!


Killallzombies-bannerPlaystation is definitely rolling out the blood this week. In addition to everything else on their plate, they are adding a new socially interactive zombie game to there arsenal and it is called #KillAllZombies. You can check out a trailer here.

This is something new and exciting for zombie games. You are a civilian forced to fight in an arena against zombies for entertainment! Not mano y mano either. Hordes of flesh hungry undead will be coming at you. Not only that, but the arena is made up of Hexagons that can morph into traps, obstructions, or maybe even something more lethal. It is an exciting concept and I am all in.

I hear you: “What about the social interactiveness you spoke of?” Well, the hashtag in front of the title serves a purpose. Viewers watching the stream can affect the game with Voting and Chat options. This function will be used three ways:

    1. Every 80 seconds, you can vote on encounter spawns, various arena events, timed bonuses, or perks.
    2. You can vote from the Perk screen as well. If players wait to pick the the spectators most voted perk, they’ll receive additional XP and Health.
    3. Chat commands will play out in real time and allow spectators to affect the game, like increasing or decreasing a players stats or adding more enemies.

How can this not be fun?