RIP Menahem Golan 1929 – 2014




Director and producer Menahem Golan has passed away at the age of 85. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he died this evening in Israel in the city of Jaffa after losing consciousness.

Although this Israeli filmmaker mostly dabbled in the world of action, his impact on the world of horror was palpable, especially in the ’80s. He formed Cannon and, with cousin Yoram Globus produced films like New Year’s EvilX-Ray (aka Hospital Massacre) and the Tobe Hooper films The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Part 2Invaders from Mars and Lifeforce.

On the action scene he gave us The Delta ForceCobraAmerican Ninja and the Death Wish sequels.

I have a lot of fond memories being introduced to films featuring the Cannon logo and “A Golan-Globus Production” title card. 

Kick back tonight and watch one of Golan’s films in tribute…