Comic-Con: Bryan Fuller Gives Us EVEN MORE Details on Hannibal Season 3


hannibal fullerBryan Fuller and the gang from Hannibal entered Ballroom 20 at Comic-Con for a few reasons: To talk to fans, reveal that Hannibal season 2 will be available on September 16th, to inform everyone that a making-of book will be arriving sometime early next year and to talk…Hannibal season 3. What we know: It will pick up one year after season 2. Francis Dolarhyde and Rinaldo Pazzi from the books and films are going to make an appearance; the themed “cuisine” next season will be Italian; the first half of the season will focus on the manhunt for Hannibal; and, Dr. Chilton will be back!

After the panel, I joined the press line to talk to Fuller. Here, we talk about eschewing the procedural aspect of the show to focus on the manhunt, the introduction of Francis Dolarhyde and more

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