Aja Offers Big Update on the Scanners Television Series

21. scannersA few years have passed since we’ve heard about any movement on that Scanners television series. Back in 2011, Alexandre Aja boarded the projected as an executive producer. This was after years of “remake talk” which found David Goyer and Darren Lynn Bousman spearheading a redo of the David Cronenberg film.

Upon revisiting the film on Blu-ray, I definitely think a television series is a better route to take and, according to Aja, things are moving along.

I spoke with the man this morning here at Comic-Con and he says the series has a home, but he cannot divulge those details just yet.

“I think Cronenberg created a great world that is squeezed into two hours that don’t work,” he told me. “It’s an amazing concept for a TV show with this political contractor, a new kind of spy thing is perfect for television.” He says the current rise in horror fare on television is helping Scanners‘ chances in becoming a reality. “It took some time but we found the right concept, the right approach for a show.”

In the 1981 film, a man with extraordinary abilities is hired by a company to track down a “scanner” who is eliminating other scanners. Scanner recently made its Blu-ray debut via Criterion.


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