The Shunned One, House on Ashley Avenue Getting Adaptations


The Shunned OneHere’s the early word on two projects that may be hitting the screen in the not-so-distant future. Let’s start with The Shunned One, based on the upcoming IDW comic book of the same name.

The Wrap has learned Jack Reher (scribe on the upcoming Grizzly, formerly known as Red Machine and Endangered) will adapt the property.

According to the site: The Shunned One centers on an angel of death who goes rogue after refusing to take innocent human lives. His actions alter balance in the universe, causing a chain reaction of unforeseen disasters.”

This is very early news as the comic book, by Alan Roberts, hasn’t even been released. It’s expected to hit stores in early 2015.

Wasted Talented Entertainment and Coalition Group will produce.

Meanwhile, Ian Rogers’ acclaimed short story “The House on Ashley Street” is being eyed by Vertigo Entertainment and Universal Cable Productions, says Deadline.

The story concerns an insurance company that owns a string of haunted properties it keeps from the public, one of which rests on Ashley Avenue.

Rogers will serve as a consultant on the film. Stay tuned for more details.