The Following Is Getting a New Showrunner

the following season 2 reviewThe Following is seeing Kevin Williamson step down from his showrunner position. Jennifer Johnson will take on the position in season 3 which will return to Fox.

According to Deadline, Williamson will remain on the serial killer series as an executive producer. Primarily, though, he'll be focusing his efforts on the upcoming CBS series Stalker

Johnson's credits include Cold CaseAlcatraz and Lost.

Who out there is still into The Following, which stars Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy?

Prior to season 2, I caught up on what I missed of season 1. I ducked out of season 1 simply because I found it a bit ludicrous. I went into season 2 hoping to embrace that ludicrous nature and just have fun with it, but even its sophomore season lost me about halfway through.

So, I'm out.

There's far too much good stuff like Hannibal and Penny Dreadful to keep track of these days!


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