Important: Michele Soavi’s StageFright is Coming to Blu-ray!


stagefrightRejoice! Michele Soavi's contribution to the '80s slasher genre, Stagefright, is coming to Blu-ray courtesy of Blue Underground. Fangoria says it will get the usual care and sweet sweet lovin' that Blue Underground bestows most of its transfers (1.85:1 hi-def transfer/1080p). There will also be a wide range of extras.

The film concerns a theater troupe who are menaced by a killer named Irving Wallace, who dons an owl masks and stalks the actors of the doomed play they're at work on.

One of my favorite slasher films, for sure. Here are the extras:

  • “Theatre of Delirium”: Interview with director Soavi
  • “Head of the Company”: Interview with star David Brandon
  • “Blood on the Stage Floor”: Interview with star Giovanni Lombardo Radice
  • “The Sound of Aquarius”: Interview with composer Simon Boswell
  • “The Owl Murders”: Interview with makeup FX artist Pietro Tenoglio
  • Theatrical trailer
  • Poster and still gallery

Look for it on September 23rd!