Dearest Sister, The Mortuary Collection Could Use Your Help


Dearest-SisterTwo promising horror projects have come to my attention this month that need your help. Well, they need your money, too, but spreading the word about them doesn't hurt either.

The first comes from filmmaker Mattie Do, a Laotian director who first came to our attention last year when her feature, Chanthaly, made it into Fantastic Fest. Her story of a young woman experiencing visions of her dead mother was significant for a few reasons. It boasted a fresh voice, it was the first Laotian horror film, further, it was the first Laotian film made by a woman.

Do's latest, Nang Hak (or, Dearest Sister) is being crowdfunded and is the "story of a Lao village girl, whose only chance of escaping indentured poverty is to manipulate her wealthy cousin’s illness into dependence." It will be the 13th Lao feature film and her pitch is fun. Give it all a look here – there's still plenty of time left for this one to fulfill its $30k budget.

Here in the States, Ryan Spindell is expressing his love for anthology horror films and is trying to get The Mortuary Collection off of the ground. His pitch video is crazy impressive and drips with atmosphere. The concept art is out-of-control good, too.

The approach is pretty spot-on for an athology; the film focuses on a mortician (naturally) who tells four tales of terror in a "sleepy New England town where nothing is as it seems." The stories include: Babysitter, Ring Ring, Till Death and Unprotected.

The Mortuary Collection is gaining some really solid momentum – so go give its Kickstarer page a look and see if this is something you want to be a part of.