Insidious Chapter 3 Director Revealed!

file_174179_0_insidious-2-2Director James Wan – who has been busy at work on Fast & Furious 7 – teased via Twitter recently that a director for Insidious Chapter 3 had been found and he was eager to share the news. If you're surprised that Wan himself isn't directing, don't be. The man has a tentpole film to complete and Blumhouse Productions – the producer of the Insidious series – wants the third installment of its successful supernatural franchise in theaters April 3, 2015.

Today, Wan broke the news – again, on Twitter – that Leigh Whannell, writer and co-star of the Insidious movies, will direct Insidious Chapter 3.

Whannell, who penned the script, is making his feature directorial debut. Congrats, Leigh!

No word yet as to where the story will head, but recently Whannell told fans that the third film will be more in line with the first Insidious. It's very likely that a new story thread will be introduced to carry us into further "chapters." I'm happy to hear that this sequel is staying within the creative family.

Shooting begins July 7th and FilmDistrict will distribute.




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