Brad Pitt to Produce 3 Videotapes, Dimension Greenlights Underwater Thriller


file_175303_0_dimension_filmsWe're getting the first word on two projects that are separately in development at Brad Pitt's Plan B and Dimension Films. Both are genre-based, further bolstering Hollywood's craving for low budget thriller fare these days.

First up, 3 Videotapes, which is said to be in the vein of The Ring and Momento, says Deadline. Plan B, New Regency and RatPac Entertainment picked up the script by Ian McCulloch. Details are slim other than the usual "this is an elevated thriller" nonsense that execs love to say.

The outlet is also reporting that Dimension Films is going to shepherd 47 Meters Down, which Deadline describes as "a thriller set at the bottom of the ocean about two sisters trapped in an undersea observation cage who must survive a dwindling oxygen supply and the hungry great whites circling nearby."

Storage 24's Johannes Roberts will direct.