The Official Leprechaun: Origins Poster Strikes Gold

leprechaun-origins"A horror icon is reborn."

No, it's not one of those A-list horror icons. Nor is it necessarily one of the classic movie monsters. It's Leprechaun, the famous, malevolent little imp who, I think it's safe to say, is one of those B-level (or C-level?) horror icons that rampaged through a slew of films – most of them direct-to-DVD.

Well, this year, he's making his comeback with Leprechaun: Origins, a no-nonsense reboot from director Zach Lipovsky, WWE and Lionsgate and, tonight, an official poster has made its debut. WWE's very own Hornswoggle plays the eponymous menace, taking over for Warwick Davis.

No release date, yet. Nor do we have a plot synopsis to share, but I think you get what this one is about. A trailer is expected to drop very soon. Stay tuned!

Leprechaun Origins poster


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