Well, Here’s the Leprechaun from Leprechaun: Origins

In the wake of tonight’s WWE/Lionsgate panel at Comic-Con – in which talent from both See No Evil and Leprechaun: Origins descended on San Diego – the first image of the Leprechaun from the latter film found its way online.

Leprechaun: Origins arrives on August 26th (VOD) and September 30th (DVD/Blu-ray).

The film concerns some couples backpacking in Ireland who “quickly discover the idyllic land is not what it appears to be be when [a] town

Rejoice! All of the Leprechaun Films in One Collection!

My shelf of Blu-rays is about to get happier. I mean, I’ve got the Nightmare on Elm Street collection, the Friday the 13th collection and a Halloween collection is on the way. What other horror franchise deserves a box set? Oh, Saw, you say? Well, you’re right about that – no news to report on that, however. But what about…Leprechaun?

That’s right, for you completists out there, Lionsgate Home Entertainment is packaging all of the Leprechaun films…

Leprechaun: Origins Gets a Trailer, Will Head Direct to DVD & VOD

Leprechaun’s search for gold and bloodshed will not be seen on the big screen. Rather, he’ll resume his reign of terror on DVD and VOD when Leprechaun: Origins arrives on August 26th (VOD) and September 30th (DVD/Blu-ray). So much for that rumored “big screen return,” eh? (Somewhere, Warwick Davis cackles at this.)

WWE Studios and Lionsgate are handling distribution and, this morning, EW has debuted the trailer which you can watch here.

The Official Leprechaun: Origins Poster Strikes Gold

?”A horror icon is reborn.”

No, it’s not one of those A-list horror icons. Nor is it necessarily one of the classic movie monsters. It’s Leprechaun, the famous, malevolent little imp who, I think it’s safe to say, is one of those B-level (or C-level?) horror icons that rampaged through a slew of films – most of them direct-to-DVD.

Well, this year, he’s making his comeback with Leprechaun: Origins, a no-nonsense reboot from director Zach Lipovsky, WWE and Lionsgate and, tonight, an official poster has made its debut.

Leprechaun Origins Clip Tells Us There’s Something Out There

WWE’s Hornswoggle promised a preview of Leprechaun Origins on St. Patrick’s Day, and that’s what we got. But it’s not what you expect. Rather than provide us with a trailer for the summer release, we get a film clip of a woman…alone…frightened by something outdoors. It’s a rather timid preview.

Hornswoggle Has Message for You About the Leprechaun Origins Trailer

We’re not getting Leprechaun Origins in theaters this St. Patrick’s Day, however, we are going to get a trailer. How do we know? Hornswoggle, star of the film, tells us so via a “special message” over at WWE’s YouTube page.

Zach Lipovsky directs and when our brother site, Crave, caught up to him last fall, he explained the film was a total reboot.