L.A. Maniac, Doll Killer Make Their Arrival on DVD


la maniacIndie film Los Angeles Ripper is getting a title chance for its DVD release from Troma. The Craig McIntyre-directed film is now being called L.A. Maniac and will arrive on May 6th.

Kristy White moves to Los Angeles to stay with her dysfunctional aunt Peggy and her cousin Angel White to pursue her singing career and become a star. Meanwhile, a brutal serial killer is on the loose in the City of Angels. Kristy sets out to explore Los Angeles and to see what this beautiful city has in store for her. She meets and parties with Angel’s cool friends and soon realizes they are up to some risky party behavior! When she meets Angel’s drug dealing friend Graham things start to get pretty weird and scary for Kristy White. The city of dreams may just become a nightmare for her!

You can read our review of the film here.

Meanwhile, Retrosploitation's presentation of Doll Killer, the "last shot-on-VHS slasher film" by Jesus Satan, is now available on DVD.

You’ve met Chucky the killer doll, now meet Charlie Crandall the DOLL KILLER. From the grim urban squalor a tortured man is compelled to murder women and leave dolls at each crimescene. Is all as it seems or is something more sinister behind the killing spree? Doll restoration artist Stephanie is about to find out when she is stalked during the week of Halloween, 1987.

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