A Clip from Junk By the Director of Zombies of Mass Destruction


junk-clipZombies of Mass Destruction helmer Kevin Hamedani wrote Shock to let us know his latest film Junk is now available and he provided us with a sneak peek clip.

"The film is about horror b-movie filmmakers struggling to get their next movie made. It's basically a love letter to horror movies and B-cinema with special appearances by James Hong, George Hardy, Marcus Dunstan, Anthony DiBlasi, Scott Sanders and we even got the actual Critter puppet from Critters 2," Hamedani says.

The film is available on DVD now and hits VOD/iTunes April 20th.

The official synopsis goes like this: Kaveh and Raul are two b-movie co-writers who have suffered a bitter falling out. Kaveh's lost his girlfriend, and spends his days getting high in his apartment, while Raul is off studying at Columbia University. But when one of their films ("Islama-rama 2") is accepted by a film festival, the two ex-friends are forced to tentatively re-connect in order to pitch their script to the mysterious producer, Yukio Tai (James Hong). Along the way, they will have to brave brutish bodyguards, cutthroat colleagues, inept agents, romantic entanglements, prima donna actors, and the trials of their own bitter friendship.



JUNK SNEAK PEAK – The Samurai Scene from Kevin Hamedani on Vimeo.



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