Rainn Wilson Leading the Cast of Spectrevision’s The Boy


spectrevisionRainn Wilson, David Morse, Mike Vogel, Zuleikha Robinson and Bill Sage are joining the cast of The Boy, the latest production from Spectrevision.

Wilson will portray the character of William Colby, an enigmatic stranger who intrigues and beguiles the young Ted Henley.

Morse is John Henley, motel owner and father of the boy who will eventually grow to infamy. Mike Vogel and Zuleikha Robinson play a married couple, who along with their son (Aiden Lovekamp) spend the night at the Henley motel, and Bill Sage will portray the Sheriff of the rural town in which the Henleys reside.

Jared Breeze was cast as Henley a bit ago.

Spectrevision's previous production, Cooties, was recently picked up by Lionsgate.