Love Sucks: A Look at 14 Doomed Romances in Horror



Another Valentine's Day is upon us with Friday being the day to apparently shower your loved one with affection as if you've never bestowed love upon them before. Seriously: What the hell is Valentine's Day about?

While you ponder that question, allow me – your bitter, jaded writer – to guide you through what I consider the top 14 doomed romances in horror. The genre has a penchant for showing the dark underbelly of love – not in the Blue Valentine kind of way (which carries its own brand of horror), but in a grotesque, often hyper-violent, fashion. 

The relationships reflected here were either extremely unhealthy to begin with or romances that gradually turned sour. I included one entry that was purely based on "Yeah, that will NEVER WORK" because I'm jaded…and bitter. And because it's almost Valentine's Day. 


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