Trailer, Images for Shock’s February Release Fortune Cookie Prophecies


Fortune Cookie Prophecies

Last year saw venturing into new territory: The distribution game.  It also saw yours truly wearing a new cap labeled "acquisitions."  We announced that we had partnered with The Orchard to find, pick up and distribute a slate of horror films.  The first two titles – Solo and Bela Kiss: Prologue – hit various digital and VOD platforms last October and December.  

While we wait for those to hit DVD this spring, I wanted to tell you that our third release Fortune Cookie Prophecies from writer-director Henry Li.

The film is hitting digital and VOD outlets February 18th and I have a trailer and photo gallery to share with you here.  The logline:  When his wife cracks open a fortune cookie that prophesizes her death in four days, a pro-life doctor must solve the mystery behind the fortune before it's too late.

Check out the preview here and look for the film later this month.  And check out Solo and Bela Kiss: Prologue which are still available!


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