Stuart Gordon Talks Horror, Chastity Bites in New Featurette


Stuart Gordon – the man behind films like Re-Animator and From Beyond – makes a cameo in the horror-comedy Chastity Bites and he's the subject of a behind-the-scenes featurette which hit the web in anticipation of the film's February 11th DVD release.  Videos like this one will hit the Chastity Bites YouTube Channel every Tuesday and Friday.

The film, directed by John V. Knowles, takes its cue from the legend of Countess Elizabeth Bathory who slaughtered more than 600 young women, believing if she bathed in the blood of virgins that she would stay young and beautiful forever. Still alive today, she’s found a perfect hunting ground for her "Botox" as an abstinence educator at a high school in red state America.  But will a brave, young feminist blogger and journalist for the school paper finally put an end to the Blood Countess's reign of terror and save her best friend from being the next victim?