The Best Horror Movie Posters of 2013


Kiss of the Damned poster

It's December, folks.  That means our year-end coverage is going to be rolling out.  Horror, as far is 2013 is concerned, has come to an end with just a few more limited release or direct-to-DVD titles closing the month out.  It's time to look back and I'm going to begin with the best horror posters to assault our peepers in 2013.

This was an excellent year in one-sheets.  There are some amazing artists in the field transcending the bullshit "Photoshop layout" we've seen plague the craft of key art.  Many independent filmmakers and smart production companies and distributors are tapping this talent for truly eye-catching posters.  I like to think the tide is turning from "floating heads" to art that is a bit more thoughtful thanks to companies like Mondo and the various art galleries who are putting the spotlight on these artists.

Now, more than ever, there is a demand for something better.  Something worthy to hang in our office or living room.

That said, here's my selection of the 20 best one-sheets.  This batch was culled from posters released in 2013 (even though some of the films they promote won't come out until 2014) and were actually used in the promotional campaigns.