Bill Obertst, Jr. Joins the Cast of Werewolf Rises

Bill Oberst, Jr.Bill Oberst, Jr. (pictured here in Resolution) and Melissa Carnell are set to star in the independent horror film Werewolf Rises from Ruthless Pictures.  Written and directed by BC Furtney, the film tells the story of Emma, a small town girl who returns to her childhood home deep in the Arkansas mountains only to encounter a sinister underworld that most never knew existed, one populated by bloodthirsty werewolves.

Of his role in the film, Oberst says, "Since the days of Forrest J. Ackerman's Famous Monsters, I've longed to play classic monster roles like Chaney's Wolf Man and Karloff's Monster. With Werewolf Rises, Jesse Baget and BC Furtney are giving me a chance to check one of those off my list.  This is my second project with Jesse Baget's Ruthless Pictures, after The Black Water Vampire, and I can tell you that this guy is growing to be a formidable force in the horror genre. I'm a fan of this script and am grateful for this role."  

We'll keep you posted on more details as they come in.  Oberst can next be seen in the aforementioned The Black Water Vampire when it hits DVD January 21, 2014.


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