10 Horror Characters You Don


Most people coincide the holidays with a feeling of joy, caring, and giving to others. Those people are clearly in denial about what the holidays truly mean.   It’s the time of the year filled with stress, such as the stresses of realizing how broke you are when you can’t afford to buy gifts for anyone, or the stresses of having your entire family gather in one place just so that they can bicker over dinner. The holidays are not fun, and the situation can worsen by whoever is on your guest list. Every family has that one person who you want to avoid at all costs, and then there are the people you pray don’t make it to the annual get-together. The following are the horror characters you definitely wouldn’t want showing up for the holidays.

Those are the top 10 unhinged, psychotic and untrustworthy horror characters you shouldn’t invite to your holiday parties. Who wouldn’t make your invite list?