You Might Get to See Bigfoot Take on Werewolves in Savage

You Might Get to See Bigfoot Take on Werewolves in SavageThe Image comic book Savage (no relation to the 2011 film of the same name) is being groomed for the big screen, reports The Wrap.  

James Cotten is attached to direct this Bigfoot tale which finds the cryptozoological legend taking on a pack of werewolves.

It's an awesome concept, but will the production companies – Outlier and Pathbender – be able to pull it off?  

Bigfoot has been all the rage on the indie scene, but he has been featured in rather standard fare which finds people seeking out the best.

Werewolves?  Beyond the Underworld and Twilight films, Hollywood has somewhat cringed at the beasts, letting them languish on the direct-to-DVD market.

Jeff Frank created the comic and he co-penned the series with Dan Wickline and Steve Niles.

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