Friday the 13th Producers Still Toying With Found Footage Approach


This morning I took to Twitter to relay a bit of information that hit me recently and, while it’s nothing new, it certainly gives you an idea as to where the Friday the 13th series might go.

As we know, the franchise is back in Paramount’s hands.  Platinum Dunes is still on board to produce and they have to get a new installment in theaters relatively sometime before 2015 before the rights go back to Warner Bros.

So, that means it’s crunch time.

The producers are fielding pitches from writers all over town and what I’ve been hearing from a few sources is that they’re looking at a way to apply Friday the 13th to a “found footage” story.

Yes, a found footage Jason Voorhees film.

Now, this has been the rumbling for a while.  But that noise went quiet for a little bit, so imagine my surprise when I heard that the idea is still being kicked around.  Whether the Platinum Dunes boys strike gold and find a pitch they like enough to request a script is to be determined, of course.  Still, I thought the information was interesting enough to voice on Twitter – never expected my colleagues to run with it since it’s more of the same of what we’ve heard.

There you go!  Thoughts?  Feelings?  Want to vent?  Need a support group?  Sound off below.

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