Three Exclusive Images from Embrace of the Vampire


Three exclusive pics from Embrace of the Vampire have been provided to us.  You can get a look at them inside.  And yes, they remade Embrace of the Vampire – the film from the ’90s starring Alyssa Milano.

It arrives on DVD/Blu-ray combo pack and DVD from Anchor Bay on October 15th.

Charlotte Hawthorn arrives at college a timid and repressed freshman.Scarred by a life of foster homes and violent girls’ schools, Charlotte is plagued by night terrors. A fencing scholarship got her into college, but she relies on prescription medication just to get through the day. With this fresh start, she’s hoping to leave her tormented past behind her – but Charlotte will learn that her future and her past are linked forever by a dark and bloody secret.

Click below to see them in hi-res!

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