One-Sheet Revealed for Zachary Quinto-Produced Banshee Chapter

Star Trek and American Horror Story‘s Zachary Quinto got behind a horror film that’s arriving in January 2014 called The Banshee Chapter.  Quinto produced for director Blair Erickson.

The film centers on a young, female journalist (Katia Winder) who follows the mysterious trail of a missing friend (Michael McMillian) that had been experimenting with mind-altering chemicals developed in secret government drug tests. Levine plays the role of a rogue counter-culture novelist with a penchant for substance abuse and firearms who leads the journalist into the mystery of dangerous chemical research. A fast-paced blend of fact and fiction, the film is based on real documents, actual test subject testimony, and uncovered secrets about covert programs run by the CIA.

Check out the trailer here and head inside for a look at the poster!

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