Trailer for Exorcism, Road Trip Flick Devil in My Ride


One of the films premiering at Shriekfest in Los Angeles next month is Devil In My Ride and, today, an official trailer went live

Hank and Doreen have planned their dream wedding. They are in love and plan to spend the rest of their lives together. They have invited all of their friends and everything seemed perfect.  That is, until Doreen’s loveable loser of a brother shows up unexpectedly and gives her a gift to remember – a cursed locket that invites the devil into her soul. Now it’s up to Hank and Travis to get her an exorcism. However Doreen may prove too much to handle for this bickering odd couple as they begin their road trip from Chicago to Las Vegas to find Johnny Priest, a homeless holy man and the last known person in American to perform a successful exorcism. With 72 hours to save their devil bride and countless obstacles in their way, can Hank and Travis set aside their differences and save the day?

Devil In My Ride stars Eric Breen, Frank Zieger, Joey Bicicchi,Craig J. Harris, Rachel Joy Mazza, Benjamin Nicholson, and cult movie icon Sid Haig.

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