10 Backwoods Killers & How They Would Fair In a Fight With Jason Voorhees


Leatherface / The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

When you talk about renowned horror killers, Leatherface is usually in the top five list. Texas Chainsaw revitalized the genre, adding small touches that ultimately added so much more: an equally disturbing family, the words “based on a true story,” and that terrifying rev of the chainsaw. Leatherface is a beast of a man with a mental disability that makes him nothing but primal force and eager to please his demented family. As far as notoriety goes, Leatherface is one of the only who is usually just a few small breaths behind Jason.

Versus Jason: As far as brutality goes, Leatherface is incrementally more gory than Jason. His gigantic stature puts him on an equal physical plane with the man in the mask and makes him a true contender. Leatherface’s weapon of choice is a bit slower than Jason’s which may be the only weakness he has against Voorhees. Hey, Hollywood, when can we see Jason vs. Leatherface?

Victor Crowley / Hatchet

Hodder versus Hodder. Supernaturally charmed enigmatic murderer versus…well, you get the idea. Adam Green brought the world Hatchet and horror fans ate it up. Full of nods to the classics, excessive gore and a backstory that screams eighties, Victor Crowley became a new age favorite more and more with every iteration of the franchise. Deformed, gargantuan, and improvisational, Crowley is a true match for Camp Crystal Lake’s most infamous attendee.

Versus Jason: This is a match made in Hell. Both contenders will use anything in their arsenal to get the job done, have a supernatural background that keeps them coming back for more, and are so big and ugly that they come off as modern day Goliaths. If I had to bet, I’d say the only way either one is going down is if they know the other one is too.

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