Joel Silver-Produced Home Invasion Plays Found Footage Angle As Well


Two horror sub-genres are going to collide in Home Invasion, the thriller to be directed by Sean Carter starring Bella Thorne.  Joel Silver and his production outfit will produce.

Not only are you going to get another exploration of the “home invasion” genre – as the title suggests – but you’re going to get another “found footage” film as well.

A pair of plot crunches floated our way.  The first is standard stuff and goes like this: Home Invasion follows a family at odds with each other after they’re imprisoned in their own home, thrust into a life-and-death game by unknown forces whose mysterious rules become clear as the night unfolds.

Ah, but the second synopsis we received gives away the “found footage” angle…

When two deranged serial killers break into their home, a family has to stick together to make it out alive and unbeknownst to them there are hidden cameras throughout their home documenting their every move.

Shooting begins this fall.  We’ll keep you posted as more cast details come along.

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