Butterfly Effect Writer to Helm Testament for Open Road


Eric Bress, that twisted mind behind The Butterfly Effect and Final Destination 2, has a new project called Testament.  Open Road Films announced today that it has acquired the U.S. rights to his forthcoming directorial effort.  He also penned the script.

Open Road aims to release the film in the first quarter of 2015 with shooting to begin March 2014.

Testament focuses on a prestigious boarding school’s science teacher and his students in a remote part of Texas where life is pretty ordinary for this small, tight-knit community.   But when the Ten Plagues of the Old Testament descend not only on the town, but the entire world, the teacher and his students are forced to fight for their lives.

 As blood fills the school’s swimming pool – as fast as it fills rivers, lakes and oceans worldwide – our characters try to comprehend the scope of this cataclysmic event not knowing that nine more unfathomable disasters are about to besiege them – FROGS.  LICE.  WILD ANIMALS.  PESTILENCE.  BOILS.  HAIL.  LOCUSTS.  DARKNESS. And finally the DEATH OF THE FIRST BORN.  As the world desperately races to uncover the cause of these phenomena, students and teachers alike must band together to survive these random acts of nature.  Or are they?  Could it be acts of divine intervention?  Fear, panic and imminent doom may not build character, but it does reveal character when teenage heroes are born as the world is coming to an end.

Open Road Films CEO Tom Ortenberg stated, “TESTAMENT is a strong high concept story and there is no one better to bring it to life than director – writer Eric Bress.  Along with Nicholas Chartier and his team at Voltage Pictures, we anticipate the film will not only appeal to a wide moviegoing audience but that they will also be glued to their seats for what we expect to be an awesome thrill ride.” 

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