Jurassic Park 4 to Welcome an Office Cast Member?

What did we learn from yesterday’s story about Jurassic Park 4?  

Well, if you actually listened to the podcast we linked to – which had director Colin Trevorrow discussing the film – you learned that the film’s script isn’t done and that there is the potential of the film sliding a bit further into the future if it needed to so the sequel could be done properly.  That’s news.

And that makes me believe today’s bit of “casting rumor” news is bunk, but we’ll report it anyway for the sake of being thorough.

Movieweb is reporting that John Krasinski (The Office) is said to be up for a “dino wrangler” role in the film.  They don’t offer their source, they just say “we hear” that it might happen.  So, there’s that.

No doubt Trevorrow, who has been given more time to prep JP4, has casting in mind, but are they at that point to start throwing names around?  Perhaps.  Shooting should begin sometime in early 2014, but there’s something telling me in my gut that this casting news is rubbish.  Thoughts?

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