The Viral Flapjack Mystery of Lumberjack Man Continues


Back in June, Shock received one of the outright weirdest bits of viral marketing we’ve ever seen in the form of a file box from a Dr. Peter Shirtcliff and his “Wellness Center” in Austin, TX.

The Shirtcliff Wellness Clinic‘s official site revealed that the good doctor is set to be played by Michael Madsen in the upcoming indie horror comedy Lumberjack Man. As to what it all has to do with an enclosed box of flapjacks, however, is still anyone’s guess and, today, the mystery continues with the delivery of  a second package from Dr. Shirtcliff. Check out it’s full contents after the break!

Shirtcliff’s new letter reads as follows: 

Here’s the trophy he mentions, along with the flyer and newspaper article:

Another evidence folder contains two glossy 8×10 photos along with the bloody remains of an old shirt:

What does it all mean? Only time will tell as details on Lumberjack Man are still few and far between. Check back for updates, though, as soon as they become available.

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