’s 10 ‘Killer’ Families in Horror


Blood is thicker than water and it seems that the families who kill together stay together. There is no greater bond than the one that’s created over the torturing and butchering of another human and sometimes, it’s hard not to root for the sick bastards.

In honor of the upcoming release of Stoker (opening this Friday, March 1st), which follows a young girl who becomes infatuated with her uncle and his immoral ways, Shock Till You Drop takes a look at the families who are unconventional and compelling as they unleash a world of hurt on their innocent victims. 


What would you do if you awoke one night to find your father murdering someone? The situation would undoubtedly worsen once he explains that the person he is killing is actually a demon and he’s doing God’s work. For Fenton and Adam Meiks, their world completely unravels and their father’s image changes drastically as they adjust to his new calling. While one son is totally against the murders and he believes that his father has lost his mind, the other son believes in him and stands beside him until eventually taking over in his absence. Although this family’s murderous ways actually ended up being for good, their family dynamic was interesting nonetheless.  The Meiks are the perfect example of good vs. evil and how individuals take a different path – the wrong one – no matter how they are raised.

The Hamiltons

Being a teenager sucks in itself but when you lose your parents in an accident and are forced to raise your siblings on your own, the situation may be unbearable. Add being a vampire to that list and your life might seem like it’s spiraling out of control. Not for the Hamiltons. Following their parents’ death, the teenage siblings move to a suburban neighborhood and fend for themselves, murdering and drinking strangers inside their home. The picturesque-family that the Hamiltons present to outsiders is the perfect cover-up for what they are truly hiding: an evil with an unquenchable thirst for human blood. Yeah, the siblings may fight and have their typical sibling rivalry, but they always come together over a warm body – because that’s what family is all about.

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