Hooded Director Makinov’s Manifesto on Come Out and Play


Before seeing Come Out and Play, the remake of Who Can Kill a Child?, at Fantastic Fest last fall, an audience was treated to a video introduction from the director, known only as “Makinov.”  Apparently, this dude directs while wearing a hood.

That introduction – known as “Makinov Manifesto” – hit the web and you can watch it inside.  

SEE! The destruction of a Blackberry!  WATCH! As Makinov details his disgust of “seeing stupid, modern life.”  LAUGH! At the silliness of it all.  You would think after watching this that Come Out and Play would be a dangerous lil’ film…but it’s not.

The redo is opening March 22nd.  Look for it on VOD tomorrow (February 12th).

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