Five Horror Movies Where I Was ‘Late to the Party’

Although I was raised on a healthy diet of horror from about age 7 on up, that did not necessarily mean I saw all of the seminal movies at once.  

In fact, and I’ve said this in various instances on the Shock Waves podcast, because my parents were stern, but strangely fickle, about what was “right” and “wrong” to see at a young age, I missed out on what many would consider true classics.  

However, that did not prevent me from seeing David Cronenberg’s The Fly, Psycho III, Evil Dead II, Romero’s Dead trilogy, or the Universal classic monster movies growing up (again, my folks were funny when it came to the watch/do not watch list).

Still, even as I moved into my late-teens/early-20s, some horror movies escaped me regardless of how much I read about them in the pages of Fangoria or the many genre coffee table books that would fascinate me for hours at my public library.  They were the ones that got away until I, because of one circumstance or another, finally caught up to them.  Late to the party, you might say.  Sad clown indeed.

The following five titles represent movies I saw, likely, well after you did (well, depending on how old you are, I suppose).  With each of these entries, I discuss what prevented me from seeing them and my personal perspective having seen them so late in my horror education.

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