Madeline Zima is About to Face The Hoarder

Madeline Zima (The Collector, Californication) is attached to the upcoming horror film The Hoarder, a contained thriller that sounds, well, like a lot of contained thrillers that are so popular on the direct-to-DVD market.

Matt Winn directs this story of Ella, a woman who is convinced her fiancé has a secret and is hiding something from her in an isolated underground storage facility.

In her search for answers she finds herself locked in the facility, imprisoned in a maze of endless corridors. 

She reaches her fiancé’s lock-up, but the secret she uncovers is something far worse than she had ever imagined. People have been held captive, some tortured for years, and in order to survive Ella must join forces with them. But whoever, or whatever, is responsible for holding them there slowly picks them off one by one as they desperately attempt to escape the cavernous lair.

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