The Collection to Kick Off L.A.’s Screamfest


Screamfest kicks off its 12th annual festival on Friday, October 12th at 8:00 p.m. with the opening night horror The Collection, directed by Marcus Dunstan.

Screamfest runs October 12th through October 21st  at LA Live Regal Cinemas (1000 West Olympic Blvd., LA, CA).  You can read our review of The Collection via this link.

Directed by Dunstan and starring Josh Stewart, Emma Fitzpatrick and Christopher McDonal, the film centers on a traumatized man forced to help rescue a beautiful woman who has become the latest obsession of a crazed killer who “collects” humans in a booby-trapped house of horrors.  Both Dunstan and Melton will be in attendance for the opening night screening as well as cast members Josh Stewart and Emma Fitzpatrick.

When Elena (Fitzpatrick) is talked into attending an underground rave party with her friends, she finds herself caught in a nightmarish trap where the revelers are mowed, sliced and crushed to death by a macabre series of contraptions operated by a masked psychopath. When the grisly massacre is over, Elena is the only survivor. But before she can escape, she is locked in a trunk and transported to an unknown location.

Fortunately for Elena, one man – Arkin (Stewart) – knows exactly where she’s headed, having just escaped from there with his life and sanity barely intact. Going back is the last thing on Arkin’s mind, but Elena’s wealthy father (McDonald) hires a crack team of mercenaries to force Arkin to lead them to the killer’s lair. But even these hardened warriors are not prepared for what they encounter: an abandoned hotel-turned-torture-chamber, rigged with deadly traps and filled with mangled corpses.  Can Arkin and the team get to Elena before she too becomes part of his gruesome “collection?”

LD Entertainment is releasing The Collection on November 30th.

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