Len Wiseman to Direct Reboot of The Mummy


Len Wiseman, fresh off of the Total Recall remake, is attached to direct The Mummy for Universal, says Deadline.  The latest film, another reboot of the classic Universal monster, is expected to hit theaters during summer 2014.  Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Star Trek) are producing the project with Jon Spaihts scripting.

Spaihts, who is credited with the original draft of Prometheus, spoke to Shock a few months ago who told us: 

“I’m really excited to write something scary,” Spaihts told us when we spoke last week, presumably being forgetful that Prometheus is meant to be in the same space horror arena as Alien, and when we asked him if he was a bigger fan of the Universal Monsters movies of the ‘30s or the more recent action-adventure movies, he gave us a rather diplomatic response: “They both have their virtues and they’ve all been tremendously popular films and really influential in the popular culture. I would hope to pluck some of the elements of both of those series.”

Wiseman also directed Underworld and Underworld: Evolution.

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