Fantastic Fest: Dunstan and Melton Shed Insight On What’s to Come in The Collection


Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton hit the red carpet premiere of The Collection at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas (look for our review shortly) and the team – who previously gave us The Collector and many Saw sequels – spoke to us a bit about how the sequel raises the stakes and offers a bit of insight as to who “the collector” is.

“The first one was a mean pinpoint on: What if cruelty got into your house?  This is: What if you found out where that f**ker lived?” explained Dunstan, who directs and co-wrote the film with Melton.

“In The Collection, a lot of the location takes place in a location we wanted to represent as a walk through him,” Dunstan continued, “We justify a little bit of what he’s about by seeing room to room get more and more twisted with what this guy has been up to.  If your heart can take it and you get to the end, then you might see a little something you might not expect.”

The sequel, opening in theaters November 30th, stars Josh Stewart once again, reprising his role as Arkin.  Determined to outdo the carnage seen in the first film, Melton and Dunstan have orchestrated an insane opening kill sequence.

“In the first 13 minutes we ran out of blood,” Dunstan gleefully told us.  “Fifty-five gallons gone.  It was marvelous.  [FX artist] Gary Tunnicliffe brought it like he’s never brought it before.  We had leaf blowers and sponges with blood.  This is a tribute to every little nightmare we’ve had rolled into one.”

Melton added, “When you go into a movie with a budget, the producers or money guys say they want a young, sexy cast and we’re like, okay, but how long do they have to live for?  They’re like, we don’t care.”

We’ll have more on the film very soon, so keep those peepers of yours peeled to Shock Till You Drop!

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