Trailer: Edward Furlong, Michael Berryman in Below Zero


On August 28th, Screen Media Film is bringing the thriller Below Zero to DVD.  Shot in 2010, the film stars Edward Furlong and Michael Berryman.

Justin Thomas Ostensen directed while Signe Olynyk penned the script…from a meat locker (something Below Zero‘s protagonist does in the film).

Furlong plays ‘Jack the Hack’, a less than average, but once successful screenwriter, faces writer’s block.  Desperate to meet a career-saving deadline and lock out the distractions of his troubled life, Jack arranges to be left alone and locked inside a meat cooler, with only vegetarian meals and his imagination to inspire him.  As the temperature drops, the lines between reality and fiction blur, and Jack’s script comes dangerously to life.  Will he make the most important deadline of his career?  Or is Jack ‘just a hack’?

You’ll find its official release trailer inside.



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