DVD, Blu-ray Details Revealed for Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows


Warner Home Entertainment has sent out an alert informing press that Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows is debuting on DVD and Blu-ray on October 2nd.  The presentation?  Rather weak sauce in the special features department.

The DVD will contain simply a The Collinses: Every Family Has Its Demons featurette.  The Blu-ray, meanwhile, will have that featurette, a Maximum Movie Mode option plus deleted scenes.  That’s the art you see below.

When we spoke to writer Seth Grahame-Smith about the film earlier this summer, he told us, “I encourage people to really look at the deleted scenes when this Blu-ray comes out because there’s like a whole movie that was cut because it ran so long.”

Hope that still holds true – I’m curious to see how many deleted scenes are on the Blu-ray.