A Small Look at Seemingly Normal Munsters of Mockingbird Lane

When one hits Comic-Con, there are only so many panels we can hit in one day.  

Sadly, we were not able to make the panel discussion with Bryan Fuller, the creator of the upcoming Mockingbird Lane (The Munsters reboot) and Hannibal television shows.

If we had, we would have seen the first look at Mockingbird Lane via a sizzle reel, which offered up first footage from the series.

Thankfully, TV Line was there and they ran a few highlights and posted a panel pic which shows off the Munsters themselves (it’s the pic you see to the right, head inside for a slightly larger version).  

As you see, the Munsters look quite, er, normal.  No garish make-up.  (Jerry O’Connell plays Herman Munster, Portia De Rossi is Lily, Eddie Izzard is Grandpa, Mason Cook plays Eddie and Charity Wakefield is Marilyn.)  But rest assured, there are plenty of monstrous shenangians on the way.

According to the site: “A sizzle reel of footage from the Mockingbird Lane pilot, which finished shooting three days before the panel, revealed that the series has the auteur’s stamp all over it. Darkly humorous and visually distinctive, the sneak peek featured a scene of a wolfed-out Eddie terrorizing his Boy Scout friends on a camping trip, clever nods to the original series and Eddie Izzard as Grandpa chomping into a lion. Special effects to be added will also allow Lily’s outfit to form out of spiders and for Grandpa to manifest out of rats.”

The family pet, Spot, will be part of the show, as will the creation of the “Dragula.”  

NBC has not officially picked up the series, however, the network has ordered up more scripts, which is a positive thing for Fuller and the team behind the show.